Mobility is one thing, comfortable living is just as important!

Comfortable in your own home thanks to Simplife!

Comfortable living is much more than stair lifts, wheelchairs or major interventions in your home. Sometimes the difference between comfort and discomfort is in very small. Strategically placed handles for better access, turntables for improved maneuverability, pedals to keep muscles flexible and so much more… 
Dankzij deze comfortabele woonoplossingen voel je je net iets meer op gemak thuis. Simplife ondersteunt u, samen met de overheid, bij de aankoop en eventuele installatie van comfortoplossingen.

“Your children or emergency services must always have access, but having an infinite number of keys created and having no overview seems pointless.

Then a key safe with numerical code can certainly helps."

“A walking stick with a seat is ideal to rest on the go. The walking stick folds out and you have a seat with three legs.

You can sit wherever you want and when you want to.”

“Is it no longer easy to bend over or go through the legs?

Simplife has many aids that can help you with this, such as the donning aid with shoehorn."

Ask our advisors for advice. We are sure that we can help you one way or another. Come and experience it in our showroom.